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Mañana, la muerte

Published by the Latin American Center for Theatrical Creation and Research (CELCIT), in the “Latin American Dramatic” section of its digital library.

This play tells the story of Cat, a young woman to whom Death appears to announce that she has one year to live. From that moment on, Cat goes on a journey into her inner self to discover the meaning of life.


You can find the text HERE

¿A dónde van los muertos?

Published by Paso de Gato Press in their anthology Contemporary Puebla Dramaturgy. This compilation was carried out by Laura Fernández (actress, director and theater scholar), who writes the following:


Aline Lemus Bernal, the youngest playwright in our anthology, with her first play, Where do the dead go?, manages to be part of this compilation with an amazing text. Chucho, Maggi, Atlas and Goku, an extraordinary dog, take us on a journey from life to death and back to life again. A magical text, full of allegories that speak of orphanhood, poverty, youth, old age, the secret wisdom of animals. A play that you want to see on stage, characters full of life and desire in a setting as bleak as it can be a rickety billiard room, a rooftop room or an abandoned bullring.


This text was also published by the CELCIT, and you can find it HERE

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