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© Nacho Ponce

PROFILE (she / her)

  • Interested in projects that elevate and celebrate the human spirit.

  • I take my work seriously while allowing myself to play and have fun.

  • I embrace the absurd and find beauty there.

  • Constantly throwing myself into the unknown.


Graduated with honors (Cum Laude) with a degree in Theater from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. Co-founder of XIPE Colectivo Escénico; as an actress and producer she has performed in several venues in Mexico and the United States. For the play Aquerón, el río de la tragedia she was nominated by the Latin ACE Awards in New York in the category of Best Visiting Actress. As an interdisciplinary artist, she is a member of the prestigious company Teatro de Ciertos Habitantes, a benchmark of Latin American avant-garde theatre.


She has taken multiple contemporary dance workshops and collaborated with national and foreign choreographers, being the technique Piso Móvil, by Vladimir Rodríguez (Colombia) the one she has developed the best. Musically, she has received training from renowned opera singers, perfecting her vocal technique with a register from G3 to B5.  


Through Tragaluz A.C., she directed the play Cósmica, by Gabriela Román Fuentes, a project selected for the National School Theater Program.

Author of the play ¿A dónde van los muertos? published in the book Dramaturgia poblana contemporánea: antología by Paso de Gato Press. She also wrote Mañana, la muerte; both plays are published in the digital library of the Centro Latinoamericano de Creación e Investigación Teatral (CELCIT).

interdisciplinary performing artist
theater · dance · music

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