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the book


This is a special place. 

You should know two things about it (maybe more): 

  • It's not really a book, it's more like a hybrid notebook. 

  • It's a tribute to hobbies. 

A long time ago I used to take notes about many things in here, mostly from my dance classes, but I also used it as a diary. As time went by, I noticed that some things were no longer useful for me, so, in order to differentiate between the ones that were worth it from the ones that didn't, I started to paint over the obsolete notes.

I must say that I have never taken a single painting class (you'll notice that), but I found out that this activity was a place for me to experiment, to fail, to make awful things and then try to make them look not that awful. I found a place free of restrictions, free of self-judgment. It became a hobby, and one of my favorite ones. 


We should all have hobbies. We should all have a place where we can find freedom and self-expression just for the sake of it. We'll have time to make art, and that will be a different (but also joyful) process.


If you're here right now, take this invitation to experiment, to do something you don't really know how to do. Maybe you won't like it, maybe you will, but, oh! What a glory is to learn something new from ourselves.   

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