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cartographies of desire

"One does not possess a body.

One is a body, and the body is the realm of naked affections"

Pierre Klossowski


May 2020. We had barely been locked up for a couple of months, and suddenly the urgent need to explore desire and eroticism arose, perhaps as a counterweight to the impossibility of hugging, kissing or having sex with someone.

Inspired by the manuscript Hipertrofias del deseo (Hipertrophies of desire), by Ricardo Pérez, we made a series of audiovisual explorations around the three axes proposed by the text: cannibalism, blasphemy and symbolic prostitution as a triangle of erotic discourse. The final product was a mixture between a short film and a dance film whose result I cannot show, but I can leave a register as a part of the exploration process.

Directed, written and produced by XIPE Colectivo Escénico: Martín Balmaceda, Aline Lemus Bernal and Cinthia Pérez Navarro.

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